Hajj Kafela 2015: Update and final details

As salamu alaikum.

Dear Honored Guests of Allah,

This year, alhamdulillah, we shall be going for Hajj with a kafela of more than 30 Hajjis. For 2015, we have completed our agency review process, and finalized on the below package provided by Al Ihsan Hajj & Umrah Service.

Package Price: BDT 3,50,000/=
Estimated Days of Stay: Minimum 30 Days, Maximum 37 Days (Depends on air ticket)
Expected date of Departure: 3rd of Dhul HIjja
Expected Date of Arrival:  9th of Muharram


3rd Dhul Hijja: Start from Bangladesh. Take Ihram for Umrah.

4th Dhul Hijja: Arrive at the Apartment at Shisha

5th Dhul Hijja: Complete Umrah (Agency will provide transportation from Shisha to Baitullah)

7th Dhul Hijja: After Isha, Take Ihram for Hajj. Agency’s bus will transport the pilgrims to Mina.

8th Dhul HIjja: Stay at Mina. After Isha, Agency’s bus will transport the pilgrims to Arafat.

9th Dhul Hijja: Hajj Day. After Sunset, Move to Muzdhalifah (by foot, or by bus)

10th Dhul Hijja: After Fajr at Muzdhalifah, move to Jamarah. Through stone at Jamaratul Akabar, then sacrifice the animal. After throwing stone and sacrificing animal, shave your head (for male) or cut some of the hair (for female). Get freshen up, put off Ihram cloths, put on new / fresh regular wear and go to Makkah for Fardh Tawaf, and Sayii. Before midnitght, come back to Mina.

11th Dhul Hijja: Through stone at Jamarah after Duhr prayer. Stay at Mina.

12th Dhul Hijja: Through stone at Jamarah after Duhr prayer. Leave Mina before Magrib. Go to the apartment at Shisha. Hajj Completed.

14th Dhul Hijja: Agency moves all pilgrims to Hotel Burj Al Jiwar (4 Star), adjacent to Masjid Al Haram at Makkah.

29 Dhul Hijja: Agency moves all pilgrims to Hotel Grand Marcury at Madina.

6th Muharram: Airlines takes and ships all baggage to Dhaka.

8th Muharram: Reach Jeddah Airport

9th Muharram: Arrival at Dhaka.


Package Details and Facilities:

* 4 Star Accommodation in Both Makkah and Madina (within 100 meters)
* 5/6 days in Shisha/Azizia (2/3 days before hajj and 2/3 days after hajj)
* 4/5 people room sharing
* Lunch and Dinner.
* Breakfast in Makkah, Azizia.
* Tea service
* Visa, Airfare, Moallem fee.
* Transportation: Jeddah to Makkah, Makkah to madina, Madina to Azizia, Azizia to Mina to Arafat to Muzadalifah, Azizia to Jeddah.

Package does NOT include:
* Breakfast in Madina
* Hadi (Sacrificial Animal – SAR 500/=)


For More Information, Please contact the Agency Owner:

Mr. Sohal Al Razi Chowdhury,
AlIhsan Travels


For Making Payment, please use the below bank details.

(You need to pay BDT 50,000 before February 2015 for registration. Rest amount can be paid any time before 10 Jun 2015)

A/C Name: Al Ihsan Travels
A/C No: 1902-11100010015
Bank: Shahjalal Islami Bank
Branch: Any
A/C Name: Al Ihsan Hajj & Omrah Service
A/C No: 00230320001335
Bank: Mutual Trust Bank
Branch: Sylhet.
You can issue a cheque in favor of “Al Ihsan Hajj & Omrah Service” and handover to the agency owner (He often comes to Dhaka. Please call him to make an appointment)
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2. Please never make any payment to anyone other than the agency.
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4. Any return we take, we only take it from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. No human being offers us any money, neither we ask any from any human being.
5. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY SERVICE BY THE AGENCY, NEITHER WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. We only recommend an agency based on the feedback and review by the previous years’ pilgrims of that agency. If the agency fails to provide the services that they promised, please DO NOT Hold us responsible.
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